COVID-19 Impact

Spring 2020

We could never have imagined a spring such as this year’s.

We have had to cancel all activities which were pencilled in in our diaries.Right now we don’t know how we will be able to reorganize them.

The exceptional nature of what we are living through is having an impact on all of us.

Right now , Proyecto Vision’s team would have been preparing  Dr. Mariella team’s trip but everything has had to stop. However, in our confinement we are able to keep on working thanks to our telematic tools.

We have been in touch with St.Louise Eye Clinic’s management. They are also confined and very worried as they know that their resources are limited.

It would have been great to have spoken with you about this and many other matters in the course of our Annual General Assembly which was programmed to take place in May. However we fear this will no longer be possible. We are very sorry , however,  we will try to keep you informed to the greatest extent possible about our activities and the situation at Saint Louise Eye Clinic.

Although it may be slowly, we hope that all our friends will be able to return to everyday life,to the way in we used to live until now.

All the best,


Proyecto Visión