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UNA MIRADA ETÍOPE, (An Ethiopian look)Tomás Martí Huguet, Editorial Flor del Viento.

The author describes his trip to Tigray, a semi desert area in the north of Ethiopia. With the author, who is a Spanish doctor travelling on an expedition organised by Proyecto Visión we will travel across this country and discover how Ethiopians understand their own history and culture and the country's isolation from the rest of the world. We will experience a cultural shock and realize that quite close to Europe, people are fighting for survival. For these people, fighting against hunger, disease and death constitutes their daily reality.

ETIOPÍA: UN ROSTRO CON TRES MIRADAS,(Ethiopia : One face, three looks ) Fco. Javier Gozálbezm, Dulce M. Cebrián. Editorial Marfil

One the one hand, the authors have aimed to expose the rich and varied Ethiopian culture as the common heritage of all of us , on the other to show its attractiveness and beauty, natural and human. The authors plunge us into the complex but at the same time fascinating Ethiopian world. A country which is great and majestic, indomitable, with the strength given by its cultures. Ethiopia is origin of the Nile. Ethiopia is a hominids fossil mine, it has been justly called the origin and cradle of humanity Written history goes back more than 3000 years ,there are numerous historical monuments. The various religions and cultures have left their stamp in many temples and festivals.


An excellent photo report. A journey around the Horn of Africa with photographs of the landscape, customs and folklore of the various tribes. A real jewel accompanied by excellent texts in Englishn

SENTIR ETIOPÍA. .(Feeling Ethiopia)

Aid in Action presents "A Feeling of Ethiopia " , a book on the culture, richness, traditions and history of this wonderful African country, the cradle of humanity and destination of pilgrimages. The following persons have contributed to "A Feeling of Ethiopia" : Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Tomás Martí, Getachew Fisiha, Fernado Moleres, Jose Luis Cortés, Patricia Cabello, Rafael Descallar, Dulce Maria Cebrian, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Joseph Giralt, Sebastiao Salgado, Javier
Gozálbez, Javier Labarga and Javier Mariscal's studio. RBA, Barcelona 2004.

ETIOPÍA, hombres, lugares y mitos.(ETHIOPÍA, its peoples, its places and myths.)

A magnificent personal account of the Ethiopian culture, history and legends, written by a Spanish missionary who has a profound knowledge of the country. Juan Gonzalez underwent the horrors of the 1984-1985 famine and explains his experience in a short book entitled " Ethiopia: thirty - eight days in the heart of hunger", also published by Editorial Mundo Negro. A moving account of that horrible tragedy.



Etiopía photographed. Richard Pankhurst, Denis Gérard. Kegan Paul Iternational.

Historical photographs of the country and its people taken between 1867 and 1935. An unusual collection of pictures that help us to imagine the country in the past century.

Editorial Anagra
A fascinating book on an exceptional personage: the Emperor Haile
Selassie , King of Kings of Ethiopia, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God , direct descendant of Salomon, who governed his country as absolute monarch for almost fifty years, until in 1974 he was overthrown by a Revolutionary Council. Ryszard Kapucinski travelled to Ethiopia and delved into a country in the throes of a civil war, and cautiously, overcoming mistrust and fear was able to interview the old dignitaries of the imperial court, as well as the Emperor's personal servants who in their day had had to take care of many diverse, unusual tasks. The stories included in this book are horrific, tragicomic, incredible and always extraordinarily exciting, and as parts of a puzzle depict Ethiopia as being closer to being a horrifyinnig htmare than to the One Thousand and One Nights country in which Selassie believed he was living in .


L"Ebony" by the same author, who is considered by many to be the best reporter of the century, is a lucid look which introduces the reader to the complex reality of Africa, with the wars, misery and injustice present in its history and which is weighing down its present. It also contains a magnificent description of the locality of Lalibela in Ethiopia.



"Cutting for stone” is a dense, intelligent and very entertaining novel. The story line which is rather complicated at times narrates the life of two twin boys, who were born Siamese twins at the Missing hospital in Ethiopia. Marion and Siva were the offspring of the curious relationship between a young English surgeon working at the hospital ,Thomas and Sister Mary Joseph Praise, his assistant. The twin’s mother dies in childbirth and the surgeon disappears. The orphans are brought up by Hema and Gosh, two Hindu doctors also working at the hospital. The novel ‘s story winds its way through medicine and ethics following the narrative. The author has certainly made use of his medical knowledge to describe the operations taking place in the hospital or his patients’ various diseases.
Although the dialogues, vocabulary and language are related to the world of medicine, the author is successful in weaving together the most extraordinary destinies. Everything he writes about, be it the characters’ lives or the history of Ethiopia in the second half of the 20th century, is described in great detail. The descriptions, perhaps, are somewhat excessive.