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LATEST NEWS 10-10-2015


Our 6th team this year

On 17th October next the following team will be travelling to Mekelle : Dr.Julián García Sánchez, Dra. José Vinuesa Silva, Dr.Enrique Santos Bueso and nurse Paloma García García, all of them from Madrid and Dr.Ignacio Vinuesa Silva from Algeciras. They will be staying at St.Louise Eye Clinic until 31st October.
We wish them a happy stay and that together with Mr.Berhano , the Clinic's Cataract Surgeon they may be able to see all those patients who are waiting for their arrival in order to achieve their hope of recovering their lost vision.


Fifth team at St.Louise Eye Clinic

Our fifth team this year, the Sevilla team, has been working at St.Louise since last week. This time the team members are : Dra.Maite Pastor Alonso, anaesthesist Dra. Maria Teresa Diaz Alonso, ophthalmologist Dr. Francisco Torres García and Nurse Ms. Carmen Garcia Olmo.

With the assistance of the Clinic's staff , the team is seeing all patients , as always, but we are happy to advise that this time, we are also able to perform surgery in those more complex cases which require anaesthetic ; this would not be possible without this specialist in our team.




For the first time Proyecto Visión`s AGM was held in SEVILLA.

Our Sevilla branch members were in charge of organizing the meeting held in the Royal School of Medicine of the city. Prior to the AGM we held a meeting with many of the doctors who are part of our teams in order to discuss and agree on work systems which will result in a greater efficiency and excellence of our work.

We followed the Agenda and the accounts for 2014, the budget for 2015 and the changes in the Board were all approved.

ANGELINI , the laboratory, generously offered us some drinks & finger food at the end of the meeting.

We wish to extend our thanks to all, the organizers, participants and all those who helped.


This will take place on 11th April 2015 at 19:30 hours at the Real e Ilustre Colegio de Médicos, Avenida de la Borbolla 4, 41013 Sevilla.


We hope to be able to soon send off to Saint Louise the material which we have been getting ready in the last few months.

Ir is becoming increasingly difficult to send these shipments , the requirements are strict and the documents which accompany the goods are complex but we believe it is worth while trying. Sending the material off in advance makes it easier for the doctors to travel although they still have to carry the medication.
We trust everything will easily reach its destination.


Finally , at end of March the equipment which we had sent from Barcelona arrived at St.Louise. We encountered many difficulties with this shipment but it finally arrived safely

We are planning on another shipment soon, we will be sending out a DRAGER anaesthetic equipment and a STATIM sterilization equipment.


On 30th January a team is travelling to Mekelle. This is our first team this year , Dr.Julio de la Cámara, Nurse Pilar Delàs, Dr.Javier Jiménez and Dra.Amparo Berral. Dr.Julio de la Cámara and Nurse Pilar Delàs are staying for three weeks, Dr. Javier Jiménez for the first two weeks and Dra.Ampara Berral for the last two. It is going to be a very busy time , we are certain that with their contribution the work carried out at St. Louise will reach a very high level of efficiency.


Working Teams-Planning 2015

Some very good news


After nearly two years the 4 x 4 Toyota vehicle which we bought for St.Louise Eye Clinic has arrived at Addis. There have been many obstacles but at last the clinic staff will be able to travel safely on the complex woreda roads and see and assist the patients living in the countryside.


AT LAST !!!!

Finally, the new DRÄGER anaesthetic and the STATIM sterilization machines have arrived at Ethiopia. After facing nearly one year of bureaucratic difficulties both these equipments will soon be installed at St.Louise .This new equipment will no doubt help us to carry out our tasks with greater ease and especially facilitate the eye care given to children.




Our fourth team this year, Dr.Tomás Martí and Nurse Anna Vergés will be at St.Louise Eye Clinic from 17th to 31st May. Together with the clinic's staff they will carry out the surgeries which have been programmed for the days they are staying in Mekelle.

As Cataract Surgeon Mr. Berhano is doing an excellent job with cataract surgeries, the members of the team will deal especially with more complex surgeries requiring ra higher degree of specialization.

We thank you for your work.


Our third team this year (Dr.Vito Mariella and Nurse Maria Isabel Rojo) have been working at St.Louise Eye Clinic from 20th April to 1st May. With the support of the clinic's staff they have carried out more specialized and complex surgery (glaucoma...) instead of the more usual cataracts, by so doing St.Louise is increasingly becoming a first level ophthalmological centre.
We thank the team for their dedication.

ADIGRAT - We have achieved our aim

It is with pleasure that we inform you that after a certain lapse of time we have been able to resume our work at Adigrat Hospital.

From 18th to 30th April. Dr. Carlos Moser, Dr. Toni Salvador , Dra. Monica Lecumberri, and nurse Olga Valverde have been helping to complete the further training of Cataract Surgeon Mr. Tsehaye. The great degree of interest shown by the C.S. in his further training in the field of cataract surgery and the excellent results which have been obtained have exceeded our expectations and encourage us to continue collaborating in this project.

Proyecto Visión has also provided medical equipment in order to complete the ophthalmologic unit and the operating theatre at Adigrat's hospital and supplied the medicines which are necessary so that these activities can be carried out safely.

The Tigray Regional Health Bureau and the Hospital's management have both thanked Proyecto Visión for its involvement and collaboration .This recognition encourages us to continue supporting the ophthalmological unit at Adigrat Hospital where the final aim is to achieve that it should run smoothly on its own


Second team. During the second fortnight in April and as the same time as the group at Adigrat, our second team this year (Dra. Monica Lecumberri, Dra. Miriam Barbany and nurse Miriam Martin) carried out their work at Saint Louise.
Working together with Cataract Surgeon Mr.Berhano they successfully, as always, carried out the cataract surgeries programmed in advance for this period.

Saint Louise continues to be the reference ophthalmologic centre in this region of Ethiopia, it is very prestigious given the work carried out there and the added value of the presence of our medical teams. We hope to be able to continue keeping up and improving our standards so as to fully honour the confidence shown towards our organization


After intense communication with the RHB of Tigray it has been made possible that we should reinitiate our activities at Adigrat Hospital in March.
Our aim stays the same as when we started the project, that is, to make the ophthalmological unit and operating theatre which Proyecto Visión installed at Adigrat Hospital be operational and that the staff working there should get the necessary training so as to be able to run it.
We hope to achieve this.


Charity Bazaar in Sevilla


Once again on 7th and 8th November 2015 a bazaar is being organised by Proyecto Vision Sur's team of volunteers. They will selling things which are no longer needed in aid to get more funding for aid to development. As usual food and drink will be available and the company of good friends is ensured.
If you can contribute to the bazaar with nice things you no longer need : contact telephone numbers : 920 957 605 / 692 152 959 P.V. Sur's volunteers.


The almost Dixieland Jazz doctors, Stephan & Medicine Doctor's Music, a rock pop group and Paco Sancho and Rafa Gonzalez, a flamenco duet.
On Saturday 9thMay a musical evening is being organized at the Gongora Gran Café , Córdoba. Our friends and colleagues will be playing a variety of music and all proceeds will be going to Proyecto Visión, the medical volunteer association for the prevention of avoidable blindness in Ethiopia.

P.V. has been active in Córdoba for 14 years now and one of its activities is to organize events to get people to know about us and also for fundraising.
Amongst other s P,V.'s projects in Ethiopia are the following :
a school for OMAs (Ophthalmological Medical Assistants) where local nurses are trained and specialized in the field of ophthalmology.After their training these OMAs are employed in a network of 70 surgeries in the area of Tigray.
St.Louise Eye Clinic were the teams of Spanish doctors carry out their professional activities
the campaigns which take place in the villages
Our philosophy is to teach the local OMAs so that they can carry out the campaigns , the consultations and even, cataract surgeries , because of this multiple activity our clinics and surgeries are open all year round.
We hope you can come on the night but if not you can also contribute with 5 € ( for the Zero Row) ,this contribution will help us give many blind people their eyesight so that they can live "a better life".

Many thanks from Proyecto Visión.
a school for OMAs (Ophthalmological Medical Assistants) where local nurses are trained and specialized in the field of ophthalmology.












Dr.Julián García Sánchez presented Proyecto Visión and opened the photo exhibition "Looking at Ethiopia" in Madrid on Thursday 12th March