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The eighth team this year

The eighth team this year , Dr. Ana Rodrigo and Dr.Jorge Lorenzo left yesterday on their way to St. Louise. With them is three year old Natalia Rodrigo who is our youngest voluntary worker as yet ! CONGRATULATIONS ! We are ensuring our future. They are staying in Mekelle until 15th December.

This is the last team this year, which has proved to be a very busy one , plenty of work and successes such as the setting up the operating theatre at Adigrat’s Hospital. All of this would not be possible without the work and effort put in by the teams.



Our seventh team this year has left today, on their way to Saint Louise : Dr. Eulalia Rusiñol, Dra. Maria Teresa Teixidor, Dr. Elena Rusiñol and Nurse Anna Vergès will be staying in Mekelle until 24th November.
When they commence their work on Monday 11th the activity at the Clinic will have been constant for over one month with a very great number of surgeries having been performed.


The first steps to accomplish our dream of setting up an ophthalmological operating theatre in the hospital in Adigrat have been taken .On 30th May last we shipped by air cargo the ophthalmological equipment which Proyecto Visión is donating to the Tigray Health Bureau for Adigrat Hospital . This is the first phase which will be completed when Manuel Ciurana, a technician specialized in medical equipment goes over to Adigrat to set up and start up this equipment .
The second phase of the project aims at help training the hospìtal’s Cataract Surgeon hospital. When our teams are in Mekelle the doctors will carry out this training to ensure that cataract surgery can be carried out successfully. Proyecto Visión will also provide the material which is necessary for these surgeries.
This is an ambitious programme which we hope will be operational by the end of 2013 and which will no doubt help towards lessening the scarcity of ophthalmological resources in a depressed and very needy area of Tigray.NUEVO PROYECTO EN ADIGRAT

A new member of our team : Mr. Manel Ciurana Belchi, medical equipment technician.

Mr. Manel Ciurana Belchi joined our team in January this year, he is a technician specialized in ophthalmological medical equipment. We really needed to have amongst us a specialist who could travel to Mekelle in order to solve maintenance problems at St.Louise Eye Clinic. THANK YOU, MANEL.
For the first time, he has travelled with Dr.Julio de la Cámara’s group .He will stay for one week doing maintenance work on the clinic’s equipment.

Another team in St.Louise
May 2013
The second team travelling this year to Mekelle has already left. Doctors Jordi Loscos, Josetxu Garcia, Vito Mariella and Tomás Martí will be working at the Clinic until early June, in different shifts.  We wish them a happy stay and that they may carry out all the many tasks, both  medical and managerial  which they have been entrusted with.

XVI Course on Tropical Ophthalmology in Developing Countries.
The Societat Catalana d’ Oftalmologia - Catalan Society of Ophthalmology – with the collaboration of Proyecto Visión is presently organizing this year’s course which will be held on 19th April 2013.more...

Working Teams-Planning 2013


If anyone was thinking that we are not busy just because we have not published any updates for quite some time, then would be THEY WOULD BE MOST DEFINITELY WRONG !
A team has left to Mekelle on 5th October, this is the first of four teams we are planning to send out until the end of this year. It is led by Dr. Ignacio Vinuesa ,unfortunately he has had to leave without the other team members , Dr.Julian Garcia Sanchez , Dra. Maria José Vinuesa and Dr. Enrique Santos Bueso who have been unable to travel as planned due to health reasons, and nurse Maria Jesús Andrés who was also unable to travel, for family reasons.
At the end of this month of October, some of the members of the second team going to St.Louise , Dr.Carlos Moser and Manel Ciurana, will be setting up the new ophthalmological operating theatre at Adigrat Hospital and also providing further training for the hospital’s Cataract Surgeon. So you see, WE ARE WORKING AT FULL STEAM and we are looking forward to the next few months which will be full of challenges which we are sure we will able to meet.



Dr.Carlos Moser, Dr. Toni Salvador, Dra. Monica Lecumberri and technician Mr. Manuel Ciurana have today returned to Barcelona having successfully set up the operating theatre in Adigrat Hospital.


Thanks to this marvellous team and most especially to Dr. Moser and Mr.Ciurana , Proyecto Visión has provided eye care to one of the poorest areas in Tigray.

As well as performing the planned surgeries at St.Louise Eye Clinic , Dr.Toni Salvador has also carried out fifteen surgeries in the new ophthalmologic operating theatre in Adigrat.


Presencia de Proyecto Visión en el 44 Congès de la Societat Catalana d'oftalmologia.
Queremos agradecer a la Societat Catalana d'Otalmologia la gentileza que ha tenido con nosotros al cedernos un espacio en la exposición y así poder compartir con los profesionales de la oftalmología nuestro trabajo en Etiopia.
Nos sentimos acogidos y queridos. Recibimos donaciones de material i donativos para financiar nuestro proyecto y pudimos establecer nuevos contactos.


Our AGM will be taking place on 19th April at 7:30 p.m. at the Sagrat Cor School, c/ Diputació 326 Barcelona.

Order of the day:

. Financial results, balance of the 2012 financial year and budget for 2013.

. 2012 Report

. Renewal of Board members

All those wishing to take part in the new Board must send their request to our head office
(c/Camp 18-08021 Barcelona)

.Presentation of the new projects which we are preparing jointly with the Regional Health Bureau of Tigray

.Any other matters.

Snacks will be provided after the meeting.

We hope to see you all on the 19th April and would ask you to please bring along others who might lso become members of our association. Our projects are expanding and we much appreciate and need your support.

Sainte Louise Eye Clinic

Ya tenemos de nuevo al Dr.Vito Mariella en Etiopia. Durante este mes de Mayo estará quince dias en la clìnica de St. Louise. Con el, ya son cuatro los equipos que este año se han desplazado a Mekelle para poder dar continuidad a nuestro proyecto.

Saint Louise Eye Clinic

Saint Louise Eye Clinic has been hosting two overlapping teams in March. Dr.Cámara spent the whole of the month in the clinic. Dra. Amparo Berral and Dra.Carmen Linares stayed during the first fortnight and carried out their work with great efficiency . After them, Dra. Maria Jesús Aparicio and Dra. Cristina Pérez also proved their great professional ability.
290 surgeries were performed, including several squints and glaucomas and the doctors visited some 700 patients.
These teams have also dealt with many different administration aspects, financial, our relationship with the government, new projects, etc.
Another team will soon be on its way.

Once again, one of our members upon his 60th birthday has requested that all gifts should in fact be donations  to Proyecto Visión.
During the second fortnight in May Dr.Vito Mariella worked at the centre in Embidolo and also at St.Louise Eye Clinic in Mekelle

Charity Bazaar in Sevilla
This  bazaar is taking place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May at the following address :  
C/ Lima 22, Sevilla.
We need your help :
-  To  bring  along  all those things you no longer want but that someone else may love to buy and
-  To  come  and shop yourself  ,enjoying our party at the same time.

So, do please come along with all those lovely things you no longer want and which will help the poor in Ethiopia who need us so badly.

Thanks !


Our Cordoba team has organized a CONCERT taking place on 6th April at the Gran Teatro de Cordoba. Soprano AUXILIADORA TOLEDANO, baritone CESAR SAN MARTIN and pianist RICARDO ESTRADA have most generously offered to support our cause.