Frequent pathologies

Work Teams

Proyecto Visión carries out its care activities both in the public and the private sphere.



Proyecto Visión visits a great number of patients at St.Louise Eye Clinic in Mekelle (Clinic belonging to the Daughters of Charity Order). At this Clinic P.V. performs surgery on those patients with ocular problems, especially cataracts as that is the most important pathology associated with avoidable blindness and because our action causes a blind person to immediately recover his or her vision. However operations are not only performed on cataracts but also other eye pathologies such as glaucomas, pterygiums with conjunctiva transplant , squints, ptosis, dacryocystitis etc.

All this surgery requires a lot of activity in the consulting rooms. These visits are carried out by the OMAs on the Clinic's staff who perform some 1000 biometrics ; P.V. ophthalmologists carry out between 2500 and 3000 visits.

To this end Proyecto Visión organises some 6 to 8 surgical fields each year. Between 900 and 1000 surgeries are performed yearly but the Clinic is open all year round so when the Spanish surgeons are not there the health care activity is of some 41.000 visits.


Proyecto Visión also provides Quiha Hospital with equipment and surgical material.This is the only centre in the whole o Tigray providing ophthalmological assistance. The hospital's director Dr.Tilahun is also director of the Ophthalmic Training Center built by Proyecto Visión.

The relationship between Proyecto Visión and Quiha Hospital is fluent. Proyecto Visións ophthalmologists travel to this hospital with a certain frequency in order to perform surgery on pathologies where the Ethiopians are less experienced such as squints and eyelid pathology, as well as for consultations on clinical cases.

For the last couple of years the Himalaya Cataract Project, an American NGO has also been cooperating with this hospital.

Stemming from the collaboration with the Quiha Hospital and in view of its great deficiencies , an agreement was reached with the Tigray Health Bureau to build a Hospital dealing exclusively with Ophthalmology, This new hospital would feature 3 operating theatres thus allowing its activity to triplicate .